How To Build A GPU Mining Rig

Building a GPU Mining rig as not as difficult as it may seem. It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but if you’re comfortable assembling a PC from parts you can build rig fairly easily. Once you decide to invest the money, your ROI is pretty fast. The hardest part at this time is finding GPU’s. There a lot of people building rigs, and mining has suddenly exploded like its 2013 all over again. Plenty of people last year was saying GPU mining was dead. Not quite naysayers!

Anyway enough of that let’s get on with the building of a rig!

The first step in building a GPU based mining rig is determining your budget. How much you can spend will dictate how many and what type of cards you can afford. If you are looking to go large, say 5, 6 or 7 cards. You are going to spend around $2000.00 US for the parts to build the rig. For the sake of this guide let’s we’ll base our numbers on a recent 6 card RX 570 rig we built for a customer that has purchased a couple rigs from us.

Let’s do the math:

6 RX 570 GPU’s @$200 each = $1200.00
1 Motherboard to support 6 GPU’s $150
1 CPU – Celeron G1840 – $50
1 Stick of RAM – 4GB = $30
1 SSD Drive – 120GB = $50
1 PSU – 1200W = $220
6 USB Powered risers = $60
1 Mining Rig Frame = $269 (Optional)

Total cost $2,019 Taxes & Shipping will put your costs over $2100.

Once you have all your parts, set aside a couple hours to do the assembly, burn in, and optimization. If you are like most people you are probably going to mine Ethereum. I wont get into the debate about which coin to mine. In fact if you’re up to doing some research you can check out for updates on what coins are currently the most popular to mine. For this guide we are going to determine some numbers based on a recent RX570 build for mining Ethereum (ETH) or Zcash (ZEC)

That 6 card rig without tweaking the GPU bios, cranked out 130 MH/s mining Ethereum and 1800 Sol/s on Zcash. Total power draw from the wall was measured at 960 watts. You can determine ZEC mining profitability by using CryptoCompare based on numbers at the time of this guide. You ROI mining ZEC happens in just over 3 months. Mining ETH we again use CryptoCompare and we see that ROI comes in at just under 3 months. Keep in mind that this ROI statement assumes that the prices of ETH,  ZEC and BTC remain stable (unlikely) and that no additional miners join the game (impossible).


  1. Un-package everything
  2. Place your Rig Frame on a stable work surface
  3. Install processor and RAM on motherboard
  4. Plug in all riser cables – We recommend you use hot glue to keep the motherboard connectors secured to the riser card.
  5. Place motherboard in custom open air mining rig case and connect motherboard PSU connector (leaving PSU unplugged from the wall of course)
  6. Plug in SATA hard drive (or optional Linux on USB stick)
  7. Connect all GPUs to riser boards and secure them on the GPU supports using our supplied Velcro strips. You might need to experiment for optimal spacing to keep the cards cool.
  8. Connect PSU sata connectors to riser boards and secure/check all power supply connections.
  9. Connect mouse, monitor and keyboard and an internet connection. GPU rigs does not recommend using WIFI.
  10. Check all connections once more
  11. Plug in PSU to wall or optional Kill a Watt. Power it up and install ETH OS.
  12. Make sure all fans are fully functional. Start the mining software, tweak settings for maximum hash rates and let it run!

Congratulations! You are now the proud operator of your very own custom built 6 GPU ethereum mining rig.

For the assembly we are just going to reference a few pics of our Rig Frames that have been put together. It’s pretty self explanatory and our Rig frames come pre-cut, drilled and assembled. The only thing you have to do is mount your GPU’s, motherboard, PSU etc.


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